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Almondbury's history

Almondbury had been occupied for many centuries before the Norman conquest of 1066. The settlement at Castle Hill had been occupied during the Iron Age.

The Norman Conquest of 1066 had a huge impact on the area inhabited by Saxon Landowners who were either killed or dispossessed and the old system of land tenure completely changed.

The first written mention of Almondbury is in the Domesday book of 1086 which was a valuation, for tax purposes, ordered by William 1st twenty years after the conquest.

One of the important Barons involved in the invasion was Ilbert de Laci and part of the English land territory awarded to him included the area of Almondbury. In time a castle was built on Castle Hill to control defences and the local population, and through marriage the family grew very powerful.

In more recent times Almondbury has become known for it's beautiful and historic buildings; it's superb location offering easy access to open countryside and Huddersfield town centre alike; and as a popular destination for live music events. 2020 will once again see the village come alive to the sound of Jazz as local venues offer an unparalleled range of live jazz music.

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